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An awesome experience with God at CKRM Malacca – By Bro Uzziah Quek

24 Aug Posted by in All Testimonies | Comments

First and foremost, I want to thank the Lord for His wondrous work that He is doing in my life and my family. Surely it is by His grace and His mercy that I am able to testify of His goodness. I want to thank Ps. Paul and Ps. Esther for being obedient servants of the Lord in setting up CKRM in Melaka. I believe that the Lord brought me back to Melaka from Kota Kinabalu for a time like this, to be anointed and empowered for His works. Already the Lord has given me a new identity and a new name ( 2 Cor. 5 : 17 ). Now, I am called Uzziah ( the Watchman ) ;  Glory to God.

I want to say a special “ thank you ”  to Bro. Joel How . It is because of his caring heart and a desire to see me grow in the spirit that he enlightened me on the ministry of CKRM. When I first stepped  into CKRM, I thought I was in the wrong place. There were just a handful of people. When they were worshipping the Lord, I thought to myself that the worshipping in my church was anytime better ( Lord forgive me ). You see, I had this thought because I was seeing things in the natural and they were worshipping and operating in the Spirit ! Since I was already there I just stayed on.

When Ps. Paul began to minister, it was truly in signs and wonders ! I saw the manifestations of Holy Laughter and Lion of Judah ( which were not new to me as I had witnessed these in my family altar but had been missing of late ). I even witnessed other manifestations and each time it was accompanied by the word of God. In my heart, I was saying “ Lord, I want it also. I want to experience You “. When Ps. Paul opened up the invitation, my wife and I went to the front. Ps. Paul was saying that the fire of God was coming down on me but I could not feel it. I was disappointed. I was thinking that I was full of sin and the Lord didn’t want me. Then, Ps. Esther ministered to me. She was crying as she ministered. She told me that the Lord said that I was hurting because a lot of people had taken advantage of me in the past. She said that the Lord wanted me to release the hurt. The Lord wanted me to forgive those that had hurt me. I thought I had forgiven those people but it seems I had not ! ( Luke 17:1 says “ It is impossible that no offences should come, but woe to him through whom they do come “). Offences put us under bondage , put us under the authority of the offender. I complied and told the Lord saying that I forgive those people and I named them as their names came into my mind. By this time I was also crying. Ps. Paul then asked me to raise my hands to receive the Fire. I could feel the trembling came to my right hand, slowly but surely. Ps. Esther and Ps. Paul encouraged me to ask the Lord for more which I did. The trembling increased  fervently and soon my whole body was trembling till I just crumbled to the floor. My wife was also touched by the Lord but she wasn’t trembling like I did. Probably because she is pregnant. After such an experience, we wanted more . . .

The following week, I had problems receiving the Fire of God and Ps Paul told me that my mind had been contaminated – this was because during that week at the church I was attending there were murmurings about spiritual manifestations and sayings that it was not of God. This gave me a double minded thoughts about CKRM. Jer. 51:46 says “ Lest your heart faint, and you fear for the rumour that will be heard in the land “.  Ps. Paul asked me to ask for forgiveness from the Lord and I went on my knees and asked for forgiveness for not guarding my heart. It was only after this that the Fire of God just swept through me. Since then, I have experienced the Arrow, the Sword, the drinking of the Wine, the Cross, the Whip and I find myself growing from glory to glory spiritually. My spirit man is very sensitive and my lifestyle has changed. I do not indulge in TV and cinema shows like I used to and I find a fresh revelation in reading the word of God. I am now called Uzziah , the Watchman of CKRM Melaka. Praise the Lord. When anyone calls my name in the spirit, my spirit man just comes alive and I growl.

Now, the Lord has blessed us with another baby after a lapse of 12 years ! Every week now at CKRM, my wife is filled with the Holy Laughter and each time the baby in her womb would jump with joy. What we have noticed is that each time we are at CKRM or church, the baby would jump for joy, twisting and turning in the womb !  And not to mention the strength that the Lord has provided for my wife. I truly give God all the Glory ! My wife is now into her 8th month of pregnancy and we do not have a maid so she has to do all the household chores by herself ( well, I do help when I can ). For a household of 4 with 2 school going kids, it is no joke. What with the laundry, the ironing, the sweeping, the mopping, the cooking, the vacuuming. And to make things worse, she likes things to be spic and spec clean. We are staying in a double storey so the climbing up of the stairs that she has to do everyday ! Truly, it is God ! Ps Paul says that with the Holy Laughter she’s getting every week, the baby will be a bundle of joy ! Praise the Lord ! We are believing God for a Hebrew woman’s delivery. Exodus 1 : 19 says “ Because the Hebrew women are lively and give birth before the midwives come to them “.

My children . . . what can I say. My son is now 14 and my daughter is 12. With all that they are exposed to these days, we have problem getting them to read God’s Word and going to church. Week in week out it is the same story. My son would say this: “ I’m tired “ , “ I don’t feel too well”  , “ Got a lot of homework” etc… he would give excuses to avoid going to church. It’s like “ Hey, where is God ? “ to them. We adults are different as we have our problems that drive us to seek God but children ? For them it is all fun, fun, fun and church is boring . . .

I praise the Lord that I managed to get my children to attend CKRM. Initially, it was a pain for them. We would be having the Fire of God on us and they were like onlookers. But, in one of the meetings, Ps. Paul asked my son if he would want to experience the “ Whip “. My son took up the challenge as he was curious after seeing the manifestations weeks after weeks. When Ps. Paul “ whipped “ him, he said he could feel the sting of the Whip and he could ‘see’ the Whip. Then he was given the ‘Wine’ and he experienced the Holy Laughter and was even drunk in the Spirit ! Last week, he was empowered with the gift of a Guitar. It was  such a joy to see him strumming away in the Lord’s presence. My son is now more joyful. Prior to all these, he likes to be by himself. I was even more surprised when he gave his testimony two  weeks ago. God is great !

My daughter had experienced the Holy Laughter. And there was once when Ps. Paul shot an Arrow at her. She said she felt the grief in her heart and she just wanted to cry. I am praying that the Lord will empower her more as we faithfully seek Him. Praise the Lord ! I am so glad that my children have been touched by the Lord and now I know that they will be taught by the Holy Spirit as their spirits are more sensitive to the Holy Spirit . Psalm 132:12 says “If your sons will keep My covenant and My testimony which I shall teach them, their sons also shall sit upon your throne forevermore”.

I related earnestly to my sister Doris of our experiences at CKRM. She said that she would pray about it. After nearly 2 months, she decided to attend one of the meetings and God touched her and rekindled the Fire within her. Her giftings of Holy Laughter and Lion of Judah were reignited and the Lord blessed her with more. What an awesome God we serve !

We just came back from the 2nd Joshua camp. What a camp ! Glory be to God ! His Glory was so evident and my eldest sister Nellie came for the 1st time to CKRM after months of praying.  Truly, God is a rewarder to those who diligently seek Him ( Heb 11: 6 ). She was slained when the Fire of God came upon her and to our  amazement she prostrated on the floor ( Gen 17: 3 ). The Lord rewarded her with an overflow of Heavenly Wine and she was filled with Holy Laughter. My son was brought to Heaven by the Spirit and he testified meeting  the Apostle Peter at the Gates of Heaven ( he says the gates are very tall and he had to look up to see the top of the gates ). It was pure joy for me as a father to see the light in his eyes as he related his experience. The Lord has truly opened his spiritual eyes as he tells me that he can see angels in CKRM and even at the church we are attending. At this camp my son also received the gift of “ Fireball ” and also of “ Blowing “. It is no wonder that the Lord says “ Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not “ ( Mat. 19:14 ) . I praise the Lord that my children can now feel His touch and know Him for who He is. Prior to this they were just reading and hearing and not experiencing Him.  We are looking forward to the 3rd Joshua camp in Sept. 11th and 12th 2009 with great excitement and expectations. When Ps. Paul asked us to put up our hands for those that intended to come for the 3rd Joshua camp, my wife put up her hand. I was surprised as she was due for delivery around that time ! I looked at her and she said “ Why not ? If the Lord wants me to be there, He will let it happen ! “  Yes, why not ?

Bro Uzziah Quek


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